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Preparing to Sell

  1. Pre-authorization: If you are purchasing another home, see a mortgage broker (or several) or your favorite banker or both and determine the amount of mortgage you are pre-authorized for.

  2. Have your realtor do a CMA to determine the price your home could sell for and sign a Listing Contract.

  3. Look at other homes for sale in your area. See what they are listed for and how they compare to your home. What updating can be done to improve the salability of your property?

  4. Watch some home improvement TV shows on how to stage your home (Sell This House Ch.19)

  5. Declutter - SPACE
S-sort, P-purge, A-assign, C-container-ize, E-equalize
Sort into “Keep”, “Throw Out/Recycle”, “Garage Sale/Give Away”
Purge the throwaway items and Garage Sale quickly rather than store in a pile somewhere. Items not sold go to charity.
Assign items to rooms or pack and label boxes for future move and store offsite in a storage locker. (Get boxes from Costco/Save-on/Liquor Stores…try for boxes similarly sized).
Containerize items left out into attractive boxes/bins so they can still be used but then put out of sight when not in use. (e.g. Children’s toys, paperwork, clothing, craft items)
Equalize means put items back where you found them when you’re finished with them.

6. Depersonalize – Although it sounds harsh, if you remove your family pictures, shrine objects (Jesus on the cross, taxidermy, Hindi Sword collection, satanic worship items), people can more easily visualize themselves in the space. You want them to see their furniture in the LR and their photos on the walls and their magnets on the fridge.

7. DIYs/Repairs – Finish off your DIY projects and repair the broken step or replace the burned out light bulbs. Call an electrician for the baseboard heaters in the workshop/studio space!

8. Create purposes for rooms – Make sure there is a defined eating area, iiving area, sleeping area, etc. Perhaps set up a spare room as a home-based business/artist’s studio, rehearsal space or home gym.

9. Paint neutral colors and try to coordinate textiles (carpets, towels, draperies) with your colour story.

10. Keep scary dogs/cats/birds in dog run/cages/outdoors during showings or better still, take them for a walk or drive until the perspective buyers are gone.

11. Ask for feedback from your realtor after viewings to see how buyers felt about home, property, price, and area.

12. Stay focused on the task at hand and keep visualizing a sale. Set a date at which to lower the price if the property hasn’t sold and stick with it. Listen to feedback and apply suggestions.

13. Tell everybody you meet that you’ve listed your house. Talk about it. Not only does it make it happen faster, more people hear about it and you may get multiple offers.

14. Trust your gut instinct, it’s usually right. Go for what you think is the best choice in any situation.

15. Try to keep as stress-free as possible. It is your realtor’s job to keep you relaxed while still keeping you apprised of the goings-on.